What is CoTweet?


What is CoTweet?

ON July 7, 2022, Twitter revealed they are testing out a new feature called CoTweet. Twitter Create made the official announcement on their acco

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ON July 7, 2022, Twitter revealed they are testing out a new feature called CoTweet.

Twitter Create made the official announcement on their account that day.

Twitter Create announced Twitter’s new feature called CoTweet on July 7, 2022

What is CoTweet?

CoTweet is a new feature on Twitter that allows more than one user to be an author of a single tweet.

The feature was announced on July 7, 2022, by the Twitter Create team.

“Share a Tweet, share the cred. Now testing CoTweets, a new way to Tweet together,” Twitter Create wrote.

CoTweet is currently being tested on select accounts on the social media platform.

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Twitter’s Help Center states that the feature is currently testing.

“We’re experimenting with CoTweet as a way for two authors to share the spotlight, showcase their contributions, and engage with more people.”

The website also states that because the feature is currently in testing they could decide to turn off the feature at the end of the experimental period.

If the feature is removed they could also delete any CoTweets that were created during that time.

How can I get CoTweet?

For now, not all users are able to try the CoTweet feature on the app.

Twitter states that only a select number of users are being selected to test the CoTweets.

Only select users in Canada, the United States, and Korea are being selected to use CoTweet at this time.

It has not been stated for how long the testing period will last.

Twitter’s new feature CoTweet allows more than one user to be the author on a single tweet

In order to create a CoTweet one user must create the tweet on their own first.

After they finalize the content they wish to post they must then send an invitation to the other user to be the co-author.

Once the user accepts the invitation the CoTweet will be posted to both of the users’ accounts.

Followers on both accounts will then be able to see the CoTweet even if they only follow one of the co-authors.

Can you decline a CoTweet invite?

If a Twitter user receives a CoTweet invite and does not wish to participate they are not required to.

CoTweet allows users to decline an invitation on a CoTweet request.

In order to decline an invite on a CoTweet users must access the invite through their direct messages.

Once they open the invite in their direct messages they can select decline.

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The person who created the CoTweet can also cancel an invitation that was already sent.

Users can visit the Twitter Help Center online or tweet directly to Twitter Support (@Twittersupport).