Urgent warning for beachgoers as video shows SHARKS hunting feet away from oblivious swimmers


Urgent warning for beachgoers as video shows SHARKS hunting feet away from oblivious swimmers

A TERRIFYING video of sharks hunting feet away from oblivious swimmers went viral, prompting an urgent warning for beachgoers this summer. A sha

Warning for beachgoers as sharks spotted ‘closer than ever’ to US coastline with spike in sightings & string of attacks
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A TERRIFYING video of sharks hunting feet away from oblivious swimmers went viral, prompting an urgent warning for beachgoers this summer.

A shark sighting on the Fourth of July took the internet by storm, sparking shock and horror.


Shocking video captured the moment a group of sharks were spotted near unsuspecting swimmers on the Fourth of July[/caption]


Experts believed the creatures were leopard sharks looking for shallow, warmer water[/caption]

Experts believe the group was likely female leopard sharks who swam into shallow waters to shorten their pregnancies. 

But it’s not hard to see why the image of a packed beach with happy swimmers unsuspectingly wading in the water as sharks swim nearby fosters feelings of unease.

“Most of the people on the beach had no clue what was going on right there. I’ve definitely never seen anything like that,” said Tim Fans who captured the video at Pirate’s Cove near Avila Beach in California.

After spotting the sharks, Faes took the video and shared it online.



Horror video captures brutal shark attack as water around predator turns red


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“It’s usually a school of fish, but not a large group of sharks like that. It was kind of unbelievable in some ways,” he said.

The video gained much attention and was shared across social media platforms, such as TikTok.

“It’s weird, it’s really weird. It’s the one time I’ve related with my kids recently,” said Fans. “I don’t have a TikTok account, but I’ve had a few people reach out to me and ask permission to use the video.”

Thankfully, experts clarified that leopard sharks are a small, harmless species.

“I love seeing them, they’re beautiful animals, kind of gray with kind of darker spots,” said Benjamin Ruttenberg, Director for Cal Poly’s Center for Coastal Marine Sciences.

“They’re graceful swimmers, often hanging around in and around kelp beds.”

It’s likely the pregnant females were seeking out warm water in the shallow area near the shore in an effort to speed up their pregnancy.

“When people get a chance to see them, it’s pretty cool. They have to be careful if they go in these areas to not scare the females away,” said Christopher Lowe, Director of the CSU Long Beach shark lab.

“If you’re really quiet and you paddle in there on a kayak or you snorkel in there and don’t disturb them, it’s an amazing thing to see.”


However, not all shark species are harmless and, while fatal shark attacks are rare, it’s best that swimmers proceed with caution when the sea predators are spotted.

A horrific video in Cape Cod showed the moment water turned red with blood during a brutal shark attack as onlookers screamed.

Kim Reilly was vacationing with her family when a shark started attacking a seal around 8.30am on the north side of Nauset Outer Beach.

It’s unclear how many yards offshore the shark was, but Reilly said, “you can see in part of the video where the wave is breaking, it was VERY VERY VERY close!!!”

She shared the 45-second clip on Facebook, which may be disturbing as it shows the seal’s blood pooling into the water during the attack.

Reilly described the death as “horrific to watch but I couldn’t turn away!!!

“Slowest death ever I’m scarred for life…”

A shark sighting was confirmed by the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy on its Sharktivity app.

The sea predators tend to feed close to shore at dusk, according to experts and white sharks have been known to follow seal populations to the area in recent years.

Shark season starts at the beginning of summer and stretches out into early October, with beaches regularly closing due to sightings.


A 17-year-old girl cheerleader was mauled by a nine-foot shark back in June.

Addison Bethea had been scalloping alongside her brother, Rhett Willingham, on the coast of Keaton Beach in Florida when she felt something touch her leg.

Moments later, she was fighting the shark and bit multiple times until Addison’s brother helped separate her from the beast.

Luckily, her brother Rhett, a firefighter and EMT, and other local boaters helped tie a tourniquet to control Addison’s bleeding until she was airlifted to a trauma center.

Addison’s mother, Michelle Bethea, said the teen had to undergo complex surgery after previously receiving two since the attack, suffering a loss of her quadriceps in her right leg, as well as massive nerve and vascular damage.

The cheerleader had to get her leg amputated slightly above her right knee at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare, where she is recovering.

Despite the attack, which Michelle is calling a “freak accident,” she insists her daughter is still going to get back into the water.

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“You can’t stop living your life because this happened. It was clear water, a calm day, and she had a swimming buddy,” the mom-of-four added.

Michelle is optimistic that her “tough and strong” daughter will adjust well to this major life change and said Addison’s attitude remains positive.

Facebook/Kim Reilly

Another video in Cape Cod, caught a gruesome scene of a shark attacking a seal[/caption]

Facebook/Fight Like Addison

Addison Bethea was mauled by a shark in June and survived despite undergoing several complex surgeries[/caption]