Universal Credit: Boris Johnson urged to keep £20 uplift – 'heartbreaking choices'

Expert consultation demonstrated broad support for higher payments of Universal Credit as well.

However, this element stressed the importance of not allowing work incentives to become undermined if the system is more generous in its payouts. 

Becca Lyons, Head of UK Child Poverty at Save the Children, commented on the report.

She said: “It is incredibly reassuring to know that the compassionate people of Britain believe families hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic and through no fault of their own ought to receive a little bit more a week to help make ends meet.

“Parents are telling us of the heartbreaking choices they’re having to make between, say, feeding their children or paying their rent.

“Cutting their incomes in October would only push them into further hardship and have a huge impact on their mental and physical wellbeing.

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