UK state pension is 'is worst in developed world' – Triple lock concerns as poverty rises

Ms Shortt added: “The Age UK findings on the scale of poverty among women pensioners are both shocking and tragically unsurprising. Women pensioners have been particularly hard hit over the years.

“Their poor pensions are often the result of working in low-income jobs, or taking time out of employment to raise children, which meant their pension and National Insurance contributions were low or even nil.

“Those retiring in the last decade have also been forced to work beyond their planned retirement age of 60, after the government increased the qualifying age to 65, and then 66 – which is why we believe there should not be any further increase in the state pension age.

“Remember, for every person who does not retire, because they are in the group to which the age increase applies, the government is raking in around £18-21,000 in extra tax, NI and savings on pension payouts.

“The NPC believes that any change to the triple lock – even a one year suspension – will force even more women, and male, pensioners into poverty. We are calling on MPs on all sides to oppose the government’s Bill to move to a double lock.”

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