UFO encounter with US Navy warship was RIPPED OUT of ship’s logbook after mass sighting by 200 sailors, says witness


UFO encounter with US Navy warship was RIPPED OUT of ship’s logbook after mass sighting by 200 sailors, says witness

US NAVY sailors were allegedly told to rip pages out of a warship’s record book detailing an encounter with a 40ft ball of fire UFO. Nucl

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US NAVY sailors were allegedly told to rip pages out of a warship’s record book detailing an encounter with a 40ft ball of fire UFO.

Nuclear powered aircraft USS Ronald Reagan is believed to have been at the centre of one of the world’s most extraordinary UFO encounters.


Mock up showing the ball of fire UFO flying off the bow of the USS Ronald Reagan[/caption]

Dozens – if not hundreds – of sailors and airmen are believed to have witnessed a blazing orange orb lurk around 200 feet from the deck of the vessel during her shakedown in 2004.

Three witnesses have already gone on record about their memories of that eerie encounter with what the crew dubbed “the blob” or “the thing”.

Documentary filmmaker Dave C. Beaty – who produced 2019 film The Nimitz Encounters about the famous 2004 US Navy encounter with the “Tic Tac” object – has been investigating the case.

And one of the ongoing mysteries around the case is why were crewmen allegedly either told to not log or to “rip out” reports of the incident in the ship’s books?



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Mr Beaty’s latest interview released on his YouTube channel is with seaman Patrick Gokey, who was working on the aircraft carrier on the night in question and also saw the UFO.

And he recalls while he was on the bridge he witnessed an officer gave instructions to another crewman to remove pages from one of the log books.

“I remember one of the officer’s on the deck ordering someone to take the pages out of the deck logbook,” Mr Gokey told The Nimitz Encounters.

“For me that was the most surprising thing, because I was always told in the navy that whatever you write in that logbook is a legal record and you can’t destroy it out rip it out.”

He added: “[It was] even more surprising than seeing this object just because it was out of the norm.”

Witnesses aboard the vessel have recounted seeing the object being seen multiple times over the course of around four hours.

Some of the testimonies vary, offering different times of day and duration of the encounter – but all agree the orange fireball was spotted near the ship.

Previously, Mr Gokey told The Sun Online: “It did not move in ways that I’ve seen other aircraft maneuver and it was faster than anything I’ve ever seen.”

And he estimated the object was seen by up to 200 witnesses.

Strange objects seen in the sky – known more commonly known as UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) – have stepped firmly from the realms of conspiracy theories into a serious national security concern.

I asked, should I be logging this?

Karol Olesiak

US senators last month grilled intelligence chiefs about the encounters as they confessed over the last year they have probed 400 sightings and 11 near misses.

And theories are raging from unknown drones, secret technology, spy craft from Russia or China – or potentially even aliens.

USS Ronald Reagan was the ninth in class of the supercarriers – and had a crew of 5,680 sailors, an air wing of 2,480, and 80 warplanes.

The 101,000 ton, 1,092 feet long vessel is powered by two nuclear reactors – making her maiden active deployment in 2006.

And the exact date of the encounter is unknown – but it is believed to have occured in early 2004.

Questions surrounding whether the encounter was logged at all or was scrubbed from the books deepen the mystery surrounding the UFO.


Mock up of the object floating over the flight deck of the USS Ronald Reagan[/caption]

Former navy quartermaster Karol Olesiak – who also saw the object – has said he was told not to log the encounter by the Officer of the Deck.

“I asked, should I be logging this?,” he said.

You know, and I think I might have asked the conning officer and I don’t remember exactly what he said, but the impression that I got was that this should not be in the official log.”

He puts this down to a culture of stigma within the US military when it came to reporting UFOs.

“There is an immune system against fairy dust in the military,” Karol previously told The Sun Online.

And a female trainee has also claimed she remembers instructions to not make any log entries about the UFO aboard the Reagan.

Another witnesses – who has not yet been named, but was serving as Boatswain’s Mate Of The Watch at the time – has said he was told the “rip out” reports from his departmental log known as the “Green Book”.

He said this book is a less formal one kept by members of the ship’s Watch rather than the official ship’s logbook.

And this would be a highly secretive document kept by the US’s Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program, unlikely to ever be released by a requests through the Freedom of Information Act.

However, it is suggested this act of either not recording the encounter or ripping it out of the books is not an overarching cover up – but merely navy crew wanting to avoid the drama that came with reporting a UFO.

Mr Beaty also spoke to former Pentagon UFO investigator Luis Elizondo regarding the practice, with the ex-intelligence officer saying it was known as “log it and scratch it”.

Patrick Gokey said one sailor was told the ‘rip out’ an account from a logbook
Derek Smith said it would be ‘nice to have answers’ on the encounter in 2004

Karol Olesiak saw the UFO while on watch on USS Ronald Reagan[/caption]

Mr Elizondo explained crew may sometimes write these encounters down as an act of official recording keeping – only to them rip it out of the logbook.

“So in essence you know…  they’re doing what they’re told to do, but at the same time, it’s not getting reported,” he said, as quoted by The Debrief.

And the investigator suggested the “fireball” orbs could actually be scouts launched by larger UFOs.

“What seemed to be these orbs or luminous balls of almost, like, plasma-like balls and some have even speculated that these are similar to something we’re familiar with,” he told Mr Beaty.

“[They] could be compared to unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs, or drones, basically, probes, if you will that are related to UAP and potentially, even launched and deployed from an actual UAP craft.”

The incident is the latest encounter which has seen a US nuclear assets linked to UFOs.

It follows testimonies from former personnel who worked at nuclear missile bases who claim the objects have even interfered with their weapons.

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