Judge rejects effort to return MLB All-Star Game to Georgia

A Manhattan judge on Thursday rejected an attempt to force Major League Baseball to return next month’s All-Star Game to Atlanta. U.S. District Judge Valerie E. Carponi ruled against a not-for-profit organization representing small businesses, saying a lawsuit had failed to provide

China rejects torture claim in trial of Australian writer

A Chinese government spokesperson on Tuesday rejected allegations by an Australian writer that he was tortured during interrogation before being put on trial on spying charges. The Foreign Ministry spokesperson also accused Australia of “unfounded provocation” after its government said Yang Hengjun’s

Facebook rejects 'Back the Blue' ad, citing 'sensitive social issue'

A Florida distillery says its requests to promote a “Back the Blue” event through paid advertising on Facebook has been repeatedly denied by the social media platform.  ALASKA AIRLINES BRINGS BACK FOOD, BEVERAGE SERVICE ON SOME FLIGHTS: REPORT Loaded Cannon Distillery, located