Six easy tips to strip laundry the right way

Laundry stripping is a deep soaking method which is designed to slowly drain an item of all the built-up residue from laundry detergent, hard water, body oils and more. A washing machine is an effective tool to clean clothes, but cleaning agents can also deposit harsh insoluble chemicals on them. has compiled a guide of some easy tips to strip laundry.

Laundry stripping has risen in popularity in recent months after it became a trend on social media platform TikTok.

The process involves washing your clothes to strip them of all the residue left after they are machine washed.

Other residue including fabric softener, minerals from hard water, and body oils also collect within your laundry over time.

Laundry stripping has become popularised, particularly among eco-enthusiasts because it can extend the lifespan of your belongings.

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Tips to avoid having to strip your laundry too often

If you are careful you will not need to strip laundry too often.

You should take care not to overcrowd your washer or use more laundry detergent than suggested.

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