Pension & IR35 help shared as freelancers face the 'enormous challenges' of the pandemic

Guild Freelancing

The Guild, the self-employed payment expert, has launched guild freelancing – a service which allows businesses to enjoy the benefits and flexibility of using self-employed contractors while maintaining strict compliance. The new service offers payment solutions to sectors with a large self-employed workforce, including haulage, rail, IT, healthcare, teaching, arts, engineering and hairdressing.

The Guild explained: “The UK’s freelance workforce has faced enormous challenges in the past eighteen months, with the economic impact of the pandemic and the introduction of new IR35 ‘off-payroll’ rules in April.

“Many freelancers and sub-contractors were forced to quit their jobs, especially in the haulage sector, after losing out on the tax breaks associated with self-employment, when they were wrongly categorised as employees. This has helped to cause the existing supply chain crisis because of a lack of HGV drivers.”

Specifically, Guild Freelancing provides payment solutions, legal advice and strict tax compliance for employers who use freelance workers. The company stands between clients and HMRC, and indemnifies clients against legal or HMRC challenges; taking on any status challenges that arise from freelance engagements.

It also indemnifies clients against Employment Tribunal claims, providing defence and representation at no extra cost. These services are backed by tax liability insurance.

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