Mercury retrograde horoscope: How the Retrograde will affect relationships

Mercury retrograde is known for bringing chaos, miscommunications and drama, and this retrograde is going to be the worst one you’ve probably experienced.

The sign a planet is in when retrograde plays a role in how a specific retrograde plays out, and this one is in Gemini.

There’s an Eclipse in Gemini during it and one in Sagittarius a few days before it starts, so there’s lots of hectic and busy Gemini energy floating around.

However, according to Arcadian, an in-house expert from, Mercury retrograde in Gemini is actually “an opportunity the Universe gives us to slow down and re-think.”

They also described it as “a time to change recurring life cycles and re-conceptualise our relationships.”

What exactly does this mean for our one on one relationships? International Healer Daisy Foss has explained.

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