Lewis Hamilton warned Red Bull's Sergio Perez 'almost at the level' of Max Verstappen

Marko also doesn’t blame Perez for his struggles in the Austrian Grand Prix, where he slumped to a sixth-place finish.

His main problem arose after a botched overtake of Lando Norris, which Marko claims was the young Brit’s fault.

He said: “I think it’s logical. If you can’t get in front, then you try on the outside.

“That’s where Norris pushed him off the track, and he got a penalty for that as well.’

”That’s what went wrong. Drivers have to give each other space. That was a mistake by Norris.

“He saw Perez there and should have given him space. Perez tried, but it failed. I prefer that to a boring driver who stays behind. He had to try.”

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