iPad Mini may finally get the speed and design upgrades Apple fans have been waiting for

The iPad Mini is long overdue for an upgrade and it appears a mighty refresh could be finally on its way. Fans of this hugely popular tablet may soon be treated to a device that gets an updated look, faster processor, improved accessories and even a new way to refill the battery. That’s the latest news according to the team at 9to5mac who say sources have informed them that the Mini is about to see a total reboot. And it’s not before time with Apple not refreshing its tiny tablet since 2019.

Perhaps the biggest change could be a whole new look which will bring the Mini more in line with the iPad Air. If true, that could mean the screen gets pushed closer to the edge of the tablet and we will finally see the end of the chunky chin and forehead that’s found on the current range.

Of course, with no space under the screen for the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, Apple could copy the iPad Air and embed the security sensor into the top-mounted power button. Along with that new edge-to-edge screen, the Mini could be much, much faster. That’s all thanks to a new A15 chip that’s rumoured to be coming to this tablet.

With these new brains tucked under the hood, users can expect to witness some huge gains in performance along with better AI capabilities.

If those new features have got you excited then wait until you hear what else could be tucked inside with 9to5mac suggesting that this will be the first Mini to feature Apple’s Smart Connector.

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This technology allows accessories to easily interact with the device and it could mean the US technology firm will release a new keyboard to help transform the tablet into a laptop.

Who knows, we might even get a smaller version of Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

The final thing that has been rumoured about the Mini is that it will ditch the current Lightning port on the base of the device and switch to USB-C instead.

All of Apple’s latest tablets, including the iPad Air and iPad Pro, have now changed to this way of charging so it would make perfect sense for the Mini to follow.

Of course, these are just rumours at the minute but Apple is almost certain to hold some events in the autumn and the Mini could launch alongside new iPhones and the next generation of MacBook Pros which look set to be powered by Apple’s new processor.

The firm has already unleashed a number of Macs with the M1 chip inside and there has been plenty of talk that a 16-inch Pro with an even more powerful M2 processor could arrive soon.

It’s an exciting few months ahead for Apple fans so watch this space.

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