Gmail and Android users treated to new emoji as Google reveals major overhaul

Google has just announced a major overhaul to its emoji and it’s not just smartphone owners who will be treated to the update. Gmail, YouTube, Chrome OS users as well as a number of other Google-owned services will soon find the refreshed characters, which have all been updated with a new visual style.

For example, the current pie emoji looks more like an American-style pumpkin pie rather than a hearty steak and ale treat (it has a dollop of whipped cream on top of it… there’s no confusing it with a steak and kidney pastry). That all changes with the latest update, which things look much more appealing for Google users on both sides of the pond with a design that looks more like a good old chicken and leak pie.

Google’s emoji makeover is all-encompassing. A total of 992 tweaks have been made to its emoji, which also include a new bikini character and an update to the face mask which makes it looks less sad.

While each smartphone company has its own emoji style, we’ve never seen an overhaul of so many emojis. Google states it’s trying to make those emojis “more universal, accessible and authentic”. Remember, these icons will only show on Android devices using Google’s emojis. This excludes all Samsung and Huawei devices.

Later this month, Gmail and Google Chat will start to include the redesigned emojis. Then, Chrome OS 92 will introduce the revamped emojis to Chromebook when it’s released at the end of July. YouTube will also see the updated designs by the end of the year.

For now, Google hasn’t given an exact timeline on when the redesigned characters will make their way to Android devices. It would make sense for the emojis to roll out in Android 12 later this year, but Google could introduce them sooner.

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