Nobel prize given to three US-based economists

A U.S.-based economist won the Nobel prize for economics Monday for pioneering research that showed an increase in minimum wage does not lead to less hiring and immigrants do not lower pay for native-born workers, challenging commonly held ideas. Two others shared

Russian plane carrying parachutists crashes, 16 killed

A plane carrying a group of parachute jumpers crashed after takeoff in the Russian region of Tatarstan early on Sunday, killing 16 people and injuring six, the Emergencies Ministry said. At a height of 70 meters, the pilots reported that their left

Russian actor crushed to death by set during opera

Disturbing footage shows the moment a Russian actor is crushed to death during a live performance at Moscow’s famed Bolshoi Theatre on Saturday. NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER SAYS OLYMPICS DESERVES THE AWARD Yevgeny Kulesh, 38, somehow became trapped underneath the massive backdrop

Taliban say they won't work with US to contain Islamic State

ISLAMABAD – The Taliban on Saturday ruled out cooperation with the United States to contain extremist groups in Afghanistan, staking out an uncompromising position on a key issue ahead of the first direct talks between the former foes since America withdrew from

Russians flock to Serbia for Western-made COVID-19 vaccines

When Russian regulators approved the country’s own coronavirus vaccine, it was a moment of national pride, and the Pavlov family was among those who rushed to take the injection. But international health authorities have not yet given their blessing to the Sputnik

Thousands pack streets in Rome to COVID vaccine work rule

Thousands of demonstrators marched down Rome’s Via Veneto and other main streets on Saturday, some clashing with police, to protest a government rule requiring COVID-19 vaccines or negative tests to access workplaces next week. THOUSANDS PROTEST WASHINGTON STATE’S VACCINE MANDATE, SING NATIONAL

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