Pardoned Kentucky killer sentenced to 42 years in prison

LONDON, Ky. — A man pardoned by Kentucky’s former governor for a 2014 drug robbery killing will return to prison to serve a 42-year federal sentence for the same crime. Patrick Baker was convicted of murder committed during a drug trafficking crime

Who is Brianna Kupfer, the Los Angeles stabbing victim?

UCLA graduate student Brianna Kupfer was stabbed to death Thursday in what police described as a random daylight attack at the luxury furniture store where she worked in Los Angeles. FATHER OF SLAIN UCLA GRAD STUDENT BLAMES POLITICIANS FOR CRIME SPIKE Kupfer,

Afghan evacuees left in limbo here in the US

Among the 124,000 Afghan evacuees whom the U.S. government flew out of Afghanistan in August and brought to military bases across the U.S.  before being resettled, many are struggling under a broken immigration bureaucracy, lack of government papers and documentation and delayed

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