Casey Anthony's boozy bar fight plot thickens: 'She's starved for attention'

EXCLUSIVE: The plot thickens between the woman once dubbed the most hated mom in America – Casey Anthony – and her enemy Thelma Moya after their boozy bar fight in West Palm Beach, Florida broke out. 

Moya exclusively told Fox News that Anthony’s fabrication of the incident shows how “miserable” she is… and is also exposing that all the drama between the two of them is just to ‘keep her name relevant.’

“It’s all an act, she’s starved for attention, and seeking to get the publicity she desires,” Moya revealed, noting Anthony’s reported work on a new documentary about the murder of her daughter, Caylee. “Truth is, it just proves how miserable she is, this isn’t just over an ex we both dated in the past. Her losing control, her unknowing of my current life, or what I’m doing, has her to do things like this.”


She added, “Just like her incident report, and the camera footage, it’ll just be another lie.”

Casey Anthony, 35, became a household name after she was acquitted in 2011 of her 2-year-old daughter’s murder and charges of aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter of a child.

Moya also wanted to set the record straight: She said Anthony was the “antagonizer” and claimed Anthony admitted to provoking the girl fight to a close friend the following morning. 

Anthony did not respond to Fox News’ requests for comment. 

Audio of the 911 call following the brawl at O’Shea’s Irish Pub recorded Anthony calling the altercation “harassment on top of the repeat offense” but Moya said she considered the word “harassment” to be a major stretch. 

Moya also called it “quite sad” that Anthony would take the step to put her safety at risk by publicly exposing personal information like her full name and date of birth, and confirmed that their drama doesn’t just involve a mutual ex-boyfriend as reported.

Moya let loose that Anthony also “forgot to mention” how she had attempted to insert herself into Moya’s inner circle multiple times and even “spitefully” slept with her best friend.

“The only thing from that video that we can both agree on is that it needs to stop,” she said. “She needs to leave me alone and move on with her life.”


According to Anthony’s police report, the confrontation was an ongoing occurrence, sparked from an argument about an ex-boyfriend that stated Moya allegedly either poured her drink or threw it on Anthony during their May 23 altercation.

Oh, and as for that infamous drink? 

Moya is now ready to spill her side when it comes to that part of the story. 

“I walked over to her and flipped my cup on the table where Casey played poker and since Casey was seated – the alcoholic beverage got on her. Oops?” 

“If I wanted to pour a drink on her, I would have walked over and poured it on her head.” 

Anthony did not press charges and declined to file a restraining order against Moya, who was not arrested and instead was “politely asked to leave,” which she did.


Fox News’ Bradford Betz and Michael Ruiz contributed to this report.

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