Carer's Allowance: Can I claim carers allowance for myself?

Carers can claim Carer’s Allowance if they spend 35 hours or more aiding a disabled ward, giving them some additional help as they go about their daily lives. People receive a set amount each week, with annual increases in amounts handed out in April. But to claim it, both they and the person they care for must meet set requirements.

Can you claim Carer’s Allowance for yourself?

Carer’s Allowance awards those who qualify a total of £67.25 per week as of 2020.

Anyone who wants to claim this for themselves can do so, but they must prove they meet Government set criteria.

These include the carer, the person they care for, and the type of care they provide.

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Carer’s Allowance is not means-tested and doesn’t depend on National Insurance, with no income rules except the £128 threshold.

Those who receive it, however, will get a Carer’s Premium or additional amount.

The Government adds this to a means-tested benefit the claimant already receives.

Claimants living in Scotland can also get an additional payment known as Carer’s Allowance Supplement.

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