Beat pension age hike and access pot early – thanks to HMRC loophole

Once it reaches 100,000 signatures, the petition and wider pension age debate can be discussed in Parliament.

Citing the impact of the pandemic, the pandemic demands urgent action on the age at which people become eligible for payments.

Specifically, the petition emphasises how women were impacted by the hike to their state pension age following legislative changes in the Pensions Acts of 1995 and 2011.

The petition states: “Young people are struggling to find work, & losing their jobs, due to the pandemic.

“Why not allow older people to retire earlier, thereby freeing up jobs for younger people?”

It continues: “There would be a cost, however, surely a far more positive cost than paying Universal Credit?

“Not to mention the option of restoring the balance back into young people’s favour, & helping restore their future.”

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