Amy Duggar slammed for SNUBBING cousin Jessa after she posts new photos inside pregnant Jill’s baby shower


Amy Duggar slammed for SNUBBING cousin Jessa after she posts new photos inside pregnant Jill’s baby shower

AMY Duggar slammed for snubbing her cousin Jessa after she posts new photos inside pregnant Jill’s baby shower. Amy, 35, hosted the baby s

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AMY Duggar slammed for snubbing her cousin Jessa after she posts new photos inside pregnant Jill’s baby shower.

Amy, 35, hosted the baby shower for her cousin Jill after she revealed that she’s eager to star in a Kardashian-like reality show with her cousin.


Amy Duggar with cousin Jill Duggar at the latter’s baby shower[/caption]


Jessa Duggar, who was also in attendance, responded to fans about the apparent diss as well as other ‘false’ narratives being spread about the family[/caption]

The Counting On alum posted a bevy of photos from inside the baby shower on her Instagram.

She captioned the post: “It was an honor to host your baby shower Jill!! You are beautiful inside and out and deserved to be loved on!!”

The first photo shows a treats table dressed with green frosting cupcakes and baby bottle and baby onesie cookies glazed with green and white icing.

The second depicts a continuation of the green theme as it’s used, along with peach, white, and gold, in several balloon garlands placed around the living area.



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The next few photos capture more baby-themed decorations before arriving at a picture of Amy with a very pregnant Jill Duggar, 31.

The pair stand in front of a balloon garland as Amy wears a matching flower print top and skirt and Jill holds her belly with her hair down in a neutral-toned ensemble.

The next photo shows the pair accompanied by Amy’s mother Deanna and Jill’s mother-in-law Cathy Dillard Byrum.

One notable person missing from the photos is Jill’s sister and Amy’s cousin and Counting On co-star Jessa Duggar, 29.

While Jessa was in attendance at the baby shower, she was not pictured in any of the photos shared by Amy.

She commented on the post, “It was so fun celebrating this new life!”, with Amy responding, “Loved seeing you!”.

A popular TLC-focused reality TV blogger responded to the comment as well, questioning Amy’s motives for leaving out certain in-attendance family members.

They wrote: “Any reason you didn’t share photos of her sisters that were in attendance so it wouldn’t look as if they did not come?”

Jessa responded for Amy, in an attempt to quickly quell any rumors, writing “Please let’s not assume there’s a negative motive behind everything we do and do not do.”

The blogger persisted, asking Jessa “Do you mind sharing that motive? Enlighten me.”

Amy spoke up this time, commenting “We had a beautiful turnout and enjoyed just being in the moment! I’m sure there’s more pictures somewhere but I was writing down all the gift info and hosting so this is all I took! There wasn’t any drama and Jill was glowing!


Later and somewhat angrily, Jessa addressed the apparent snub as well as speculation that other family members were purposely left out of photos or uninvited to the event.

“These rumors make me angry, and I’m here to put a stop to it. The narrative these kinds of comments put forward is a false one. Simply not true.”

She continued, “I was there at the shower, but pretty much everyone else was out of town whether for a wedding, family reunion, or beach trip. Summertime is busy and you cannot always coordinate 19+ schedules.

Anyone with more than one kid should know that. My mom and all of us sisters…love her dearly and [Jill] knows that. While baby showers are a blast, they’re not the only time family members get together and hang out.”

Jessa concluded the comment, stating “Quit spreading hate. She has family support– stop this nonsense”

Jessa’s response to fan rumors about her family

19 Kids and Counting Reddit fans seemingly weren’t buying the long-winded message.

One person wrote: “A beach trip, Jessa? Really? They couldn’t go to the beach another weekend?”

A second Redditor commented: “There was no way most of them were going over to Amy’s especially Michelle. Michelle hasn’t even seen her grandsons in a long time because of Jim Bob. It was convenient for them to say they weren’t around.”

Another commenter speculated, “I would guess that Jessa is the only one who consistently talks to/hangs out with Jill.”

While a fourth user joked: “Jessa woke up and chose violence today. I’m honestly surprised she’s saying so much.”


Jill’s baby shower was celebrated toward the end of last month and even before the release of Amy’s new photos, fans were quick to point out that some key family members were missing.

Jill shared a slew of photos from the day on Facebook, showing off the food, decorations, and her gifts.

It looked like her parents Jim Bob and Michelle weren’t at the event, and neither were some of the sisters she’s closest to like Jana, Joy-Anna, Jessa, and Jinger.

Jill, who has two sons with her husband Derick Dillard, wore a floral print top and white tiered skirt to the shower.

As mentioned previously, the house was decorated in a green, white, and gold color scene with huge gold balloons spelling out “OH BABY” in the kitchen and an arch of green, white, and peach colored balloons in the living room.

The guests tucked into green and white sweet treats, including cupcakes, chocolates, and cookies.

Jill looked emotional as she sat next to Amy and opened her huge haul of presents, which included piles of clothes for her unborn son.

Seen among the gifts was a babygro with a picture of the Arkansas skyline, an animal print babygro, and adorable camo-print dungarees.

In her caption, the former reality star hinted at the absence of many of her family members by saying they couldn’t “attend in person”.

She wrote: “I feel so loved and more prepared now for baby boy with all the gifts, prayers & blessings by friends and family (+ several who couldn’t attend the party in person) who showered us this weekend in anticipation of our little man’s arrival next month!


Amy, who made frequent appearances on 19 Kids and Counting, and Counting On, recently revealed that she’d love to star in a new reality show with cousin Jill Duggar.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Amy revealed she would be open to returning to reality television. 

She said: “I would make sure it was real. There are no skeletons in these closets. I would make it like Kardashians. Not every day is rosy and beautiful. There are days I can’t stand my husband. It’s normal. Then there are days I can’t live without him. That’s normal marriage. 

“People respect and love authenticity. You have to be transparent with people. That’s what I would sign up for. Transparency.”

When asked if she would consider teaming up with her cousin Jill, who has also rebelled from Jim Bob and Michelle’s strict rules, she responded: “Heck yeah! Jill let’s go, let’s do it!”

She added of her aunt and uncle: “It’s not about disrespecting them. It’s more like, ‘Please open your eyes.’ I want to get their attention. I can’t stay silent. I literally truly cannot stay silent on this matter. It’s too severe.”


Some of the green and white themed treats served at Jill’s baby shower[/caption]

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar did not attend the baby shower hosted by Amy[/caption]


Jill and Jessa pictured with other Duggar sisters[/caption]